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Safe harbour - Ntic

Safe Harbor Framework invalidation : recommandations for Switzerland

I.  Introduction

In a decision dated October 6th, 2015, (Case Max Schrems vs Facebook) the European Union Court of Justice invalidated the Safe Harbor Framework, which had permitted U.S. companies to comply with EU restrictions on the transfer of personal data outside the EU.  As a non EU country, Switzerland concluded the “US-Swiss Safe Harbor Framework” (“Swiss SHF”) which is the equivalent to EU safe Harbor.… Plus...

Ntic Sao Paolo

Net Mundial : (extra)ordinary conference?

Next topic to come : Internet governance discussed in Sao Polo

During these 23rd and 24th of April 2014 took place the NETmundial Multistakeholder conference in Sao Paulo, Brazil for a debate regarding Internet governance. Not less than eighty seven representants from all over the world countries have been participating. All the participants came from all interested sectors such as governments, non-profit organizations, citizens of the civil society and also from academic, technical and research institutions or private sectors.… Plus...

Google Glass

Google Glass : pros or cons ?

Google Glass is very popular but do not receive general agreement. However this gadget has an incredible industrial value and some revolutionary concepts of use (e.g : e-Health, human interaction in other languages, etc.). However, it is, and will remain a cause of concern for consumer protection and privacy.

This article is intended for taking stock of the actual knowledge through  Internet media and the legal situation in several countries that already initiated preventive prohibitions (like USA, UK, France).Plus...