Outsourcing medical billing: a matter of transparency

In healthcare, it is frequent for medical professionals and health institutions to outsource medical billing to a third party. There are many financial and practical advantages to subcontract such service. However, medical billing must comply with legal obligations, in particular with medical secrecy and data protection regulations. The third party may not use the data for another purpose than medical billing if the patient do not give its explicit consent in writing for such other purpose. This short article provides recommendations for healthcare professionals and service providers.

Safe Harbour

Safe Harbour Episode II: the “UE-U.S. Privacy Shield”

The invalidation of Safe Harbor Framework by European Court of Justice forced US and European authorities to negotiate a new Agreement named Privacy Shield. Will the Shield protect efficiently European data from mass surveillance in the USA? What is the current legal situation for individuals and companies? What are the next steps in EU and Switzerland? Some questions and few answers at this point of time !

Safe harbour - Ntic

Safe Harbor Framework invalidation : recommandations for Switzerland

In a decision dated October 6th, 2015, (Case Max Schrems vs Facebook) the European Union Court of Justice invalidated the Safe Harbor Framework. United States have been clearly considered as a country where the level of security related to data is not adequate due to US regulations allowing mass-surveillance. This article brings a brief overview of the recommendations from the Swiss Data Protection Commissioner for companies in Switzerland.